Special Services

Overview of Special Services

Volunteer helping elderly woman off vanSpace Coast Area Transit operates specialized services to meet the needs of individuals who are unable to use fixed route service. These specialized services include Volunteers in Motion, Paratransit and ADA Paratransit  services, as well as contracted routes. Space Coast Area Transit also oversees the Brevard County emergency support function, transportation. View the Rider’s Guide for Special Services, a public transportation rider’s guide for eligible seniors and transportation disadvantaged, including origin to destination Paratransit Service and ADA Paratransit Service.

Volunteers in Motion

Volunteers in Motion Video - Opens in a pop up window.Many frail residents in Brevard County are able to live independently through supportive services such as the Volunteers in Motion program. A few hours of volunteer support once or twice a week can make a major difference. View our awesome volunteers! Program volunteers receive training by attending instructional classes, and are provided with state-of-the-art vehicles. Find out more about volunteering or request services through this program. View a special news feature on the Volunteers in Motion Program produced by Brevard reporter Greg Palone, News 13.

Paratransit and ADA Paratransit Services

Paratransit Driver helping passenger in wheelchairSpace Coast Area Transit operates Paratransit Service to assist those with mobility needs who are unable to utilize fixed routes by providing wheelchair accessible Paratransit vehicles. ADA Paratransit service is a very important part of Space Coast Area Transit’s commitment to providing mobility and freedom to Brevard’s transportation disadvantaged citizens.

Emergency Evacuation Support

Brevard County logoSpace Coast Area Transit oversees the Brevard County emergency support function, transportation. In order to provide the highest quality emergency service possible, residents with special needs are strongly encouraged to pre-register with the Emergency Management Office at 321-637-6670. During an emergency, pre-registered special needs residents are evacuated to designated shelters.

Contracted Routes

Girl on VanSpace Coast Area Transit’s bus fleet serves several not-for-profit agencies with contracted, demand/response service. Some agencies served include Brevard Achievement Center, Bridges BTC, INC., Easter Seals and Seniors at Lunch. The agencies work with Space Coast Area Transit to transport agency customers to designated centers in the morning and return the customers in the afternoon. For more information, call 321-633-1878.