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DispatcherSpace Coast Area Transit actively seeks constructive suggestions regarding services. Send us questions, compliments or concerns about Transit, Paratransit, Vanpooling, or Park & Ride lots. If you have something to share with our management team, please feel free to do so.


If you are interested in Volunteering, we’d love to hear from you. Find out how you can join our award-winning Volunteers in Motion program!


Advertising Video - Opens in a popup window.Illustrated buses use the entire exterior of the bus to create the effect of a rolling billboard! Panel and window ads are especially cost effectively when promoting short-term events. Interior signage targets themed market exposure. Transit ads reach more people per dollar invested than any other medium, building product and service awareness within days! By carrying the advertiser’s message close to the point of purchase, transit ads deliver high visibility, constant repetition, cost effectiveness and advertising
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reThink LogoTransit One is a non-governmental, non-profit agency, established to strengthen and expand public transportation and mobility options in Brevard County. The goals of Transit One include building support for public transportation, advocating for investment by stakeholders, and providing a forum to interact, exchange ideas and improve mobility services. The organization meets on a quarterly basis; Transit One membership is free for any individual, organization, company or institution working to accomplish the mission and objectives of Transit One. For questions or additional information, contact Transit One.
Additionally, I’m 4 Transit! provides a way that 100,000 Floridians can stand up and be counted as supporters of public transit. It’s free to join and there are never any dues or fees! Help make America energy independent, create jobs, improve the environment and provide an alternative to traffic congestion. You can also support public transportation locally through citizen participation.