• How do eels get
    around the seabed?
    They ride the
  • Why did the bus stop?
    Because it saw
    a zebra crossing
    the road.
    Why did the bat
    miss the bus?
    Because he hung
    around too long.
  • Which end
    of a bus is best to
    get off from?
    It doesn't matter-
    both ends stop!
    Why don't
    buses and trains
    run on time?
    Because buses
    run on wheels and
    trains run on
  • What is the difference
    between a bus driver
    and a cold?
    A bus driver knows
    the stops, and a cold
    stops the nose.
    What did the mother
    say then her son took
    the bus home?
    "You'd better take it
    back before anyone
    sees that it's missing!"
  • What did the
    bus driver say
    to the frog?
    "Hop on!"
    What "bus"
    crossed the