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What are you going to do with all the money you we saved? Were always looking for great testimonials to use in TV commercials, newsletters and social media! Please share your results below.


Jenna L. My husband and I used t o have 2 cars. I not iced all t he vanpool vans where I work at the VA clinic in Viera. After using the savings calculator, I decided to join a vanpool and give it a try. I loved it so much that after 3 months we sold our second car and realized a savings of over $6,500 a year! We used part of our savings to go on a cruise, and the rest of the money to pay off credit cards. Thank you savings calculator!!!!

Tim S. I work as a waiter in Cocoa Beach. Every dime I made used to go to my car. Between the gas and the insurance and flxing it all the time, I was always broke. Now that I use the bus, I actually have some money to go to the movies, take a girl out on a date and have a life. YOLO

Robert a M. I am a single mom and struggled to put food on the table. When I started using the bus, I could flnally get to work without my car breaking down all the time. It is so nice to go to Winn Dixie and have enough money to pay for the groceries I need.

07-25-2017 02:31:30