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Public Documents

LCB Meetings

LBCThe Local Coordinating Board (LCB) for Transportation Disadvantaged Services meets quarterly to oversee the TD program at a local level, by providing input on various issues, plans and programs. Categorical appointments representating participating agencies and citizen advocates are made by in conjunction with Florida Statute 427. By Laws and Grievance Procedures are updated annually.

When you access one of the LCB files below, it will automatically be downloaded to your computer as a ZIP file that will contain PDFs of the LCB meeting information for that quarter. LBC

Upcoming LCB Meeting Notice – October 2016

June 2016 LCB Agenda Package

April 2016 LCB Approved Minutes

April 2016 LCB Agenda Package

November 2015 LCB Approved Minutes

November 2015 LCB Agenda Package

August 2015 LCB Approved Minutes

August 2015 LCB Agenda Package

May 2015 LCB Approved Minutes

May 2015 LCB Agenda Package

February 2015 LCB Approved Minutes

February 2015 LCB Agenda Package


Public Documents

Public DocsView Transit Development Plans, rider surveys, general policies, and program plans that are commissioned by Space Coast Area Transit. Click the name of the document you wish to view.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Goal Setting

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Public Policy

Title VI Complaint Form

EEO Program Plan 2014-2017

Title VI Program Plan

Public Rights Under Title VI

2013-2022 Transit Development Plan

2008 Rider Survey

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